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Project Green Tea Update…

August 30, 2010
Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

To you, it may look like a mess. It may look like a project that still has a good few weeks to go before getting anywhere near completion. But to Team Life, this undercoated cladding is a thing of beauty. It’s a sign that the mad vision we had, is coming together. The dusty, dirty building work is all but over & we’re on the home straight now.

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

So, it’s been August Bank Holiday. And this is how we’ve spent it! Mr M on seemingly endless trips to that big DIY store which can’t possibly be named. Moregeous battling through a cocktail hangover post secret wedding, the Green Tea girls re-constructing their menu & Didsbury Life doing what Didsbury Life generally does – working!

So – cladding has been undercoated & now painted in Midnight Jewel and looking rather lovely. The walls above the cladding now a beautiful milky white, picture rails primed and painted and new cills fitted on the window. We’ve also finally got down the curtains. Even though newspaper’s gone up to retain a little mystery, the look is very different. The whole restaurant feels more spacious and less cluttered – ironic really, when you see the tables & chairs piled high in the middle!

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

We’ve also purchased the light shades for both the restaurant & the washroom – these are strictly under wraps as they are the WOW factor, but let’s just say they ooze glamour and style and elegance.

Green Tea is also now tweeting – head over to the Twitter account and start following. It could be worth your while! The holding page is now live and the menus are being proofed. So, we’re on track for WestFest re-opening and hopefully to raising a glass of fizz to The New Green Tea Restaurant…

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

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