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Project GT – Six Days & Counting…

August 28, 2010
Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

So, we’re now halfway through the deadline we set ourselves for the refurbishment of Green Tea Restaurant. If you had a look in, you’d declare that we were completely insane and that it would take another month before the restaurant could re-open. Possibly. But, we like a challenge and and a deadline. So, we will meet it!

The last couple of days has seen some amazing progress – again, admittedly, if you were to have a look in, it may not look like it. But, look beyond the dusty tables and the bags of cement, and you’ll see…

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

Cladding has now been fixed to all of the internal walls, and is ready for the next phase – the priming and painting. The stud walls have been secured and replastered. The new bathroom window is in and the room replastered. The wiring has been done for the new lighting. The exterior has been painted – this caused a slight delay as we discovered the paint we’d had mixed didn’t match even though the codes were identical, and of course, rain stopped play on Tuesday. However, it’s looking a lot better now that Midnight Jewel has been applied to the exterior.

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

So, with the majority of the building work inside nearing completion – although we are factoring in unexpected glitches ! – we’re getting nearer to moving onto the phase where we’ll see rapid differences. Once the builders are totally finished the messy, dusty stuff, it’s a big wash down and then onto the painting & decorating – the exciting bit. We’ve also been sourcing the lighting – what’s been chosed, and where the lights will now be sited, will make a very dramatic difference to the interior. However, more of that in  a later blog.

The look of the website and the signage has been approved by The Green Tea girls, so this  is all starting to come together in the background. The menus are being worked on by the girls – expect some huge changes here. Not only has the menu been streamlined to real Green Tea signature dishes, they’re also working on a healthy menu, in collaboration with personal trainer, Mike Bach. We’ll be seeing the first proofs of these over the weekend, but again, they are a real departure from what you’d normally expect in a Chinese restaurant. A later blog will reveal a lot more about the cuisine changes.

So, off to don work clothes and get cracking on Phase 2 of Project Green Tea…

Project Green Tea

Project Green Tea

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