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Guest Blog from Folk, Didsbury

August 26, 2010

This latest blog comes courtesy of the lovely folk at Folk Cafe Bar, back from Ibiza, perhaps a little more weary than when they left! Enjoy reading and hope it doesn’t make you feel too jealous!

Folk Cafe Bar, West Didsbury

Folk Cafe Bar, West Didsbury

Folk on Holiday...

Folk on Holiday...

So we’re back from Ibiza… a little bit more tanned and much more tired than we were before our week break. We all had a fantastic time and enjoyed introducing the world of Folk to the little balearic island.

We started our week with a horrific plane journey (Balearic Mike only laughed once!). The pilot in his wisdom decided to make us sit on the plane for four hours before we took off because of some French strikes. Rubbish! So there we were sitting on this little Jet 2 plane with minimal leg room at seven in the morning all excited about the week to come and anxious to get there…Luckily we took up a lot of the plane and managed to entertain each other whilst we were waiting to get to Ibiza.

Folk on Holiday...

Folk on Holiday...

When we finally touched down Justin and Garth with their amazing tans met us at the airport, then we proceeded to go to our beautiful villa. Needless to say we were astounded by our luck. Walking in and viewing a gorgeous pool, sun loungers and a picturesque house we were literally in a balearic heaven. After obviously all jumping straight in the pool and playing stupid games in it all day we got ready for our first night out.

We went to Aura on our first night; after a forty euro taxi journey across the mystical isle we arrived at a restaurant/ bar that looked like something out of a movie set. Dimly lit and sexily decorated the atmosphere was amazing, the food, impeccable. This was the host for our last Folk Ibiza party and Justin couldn’t have chosen a better place. After getting slightly merry and having a little bit of a dance we went back to our villa tired and excited for our next day in Ibiza.

Thursday was the planned day for the Pirate ship party but unfortunately due to expenditure the trip was cancelled so from 2pm we had a massive BBQ/pool party at our villa. It was like something out of an American High School Drama, people turning up, getting drunk, stripping off their clothes and jumping into the massive pool. Two certain girls decided to wrestle in the pool sitting on the boys shoulders. It was a spectacle to say the least. I personally fell asleep at about four but I’m pretty sure the party went on until the very early hours of the morning. The highlight of the night being an environmental health inspector (guest) test the purity of our water. It was literally, a phenomenon!

We awoke on Friday morning with banging heads and nauseous stomachs. People looked literally purple. Bad news as it was the first official Folk Ibiza party and we all had to show. After a day excessively lounging we pulled ourselves together and got ready for another night out. This time we went to Boutique Hostal Salinas; a beautiful hotel/ hostel that sold Tapas until the early hours of the morning and that the first Folk Ibiza DJ’s were playing at. The music was insanely good, rhythmic, completely suited to the atmospheric outside bar. People that I’d seen in Folk but never spoke to I was finally introduced to for the first time and at our table we were introduced to some lovely people from Wakefield who had just heard about the festival. The bar closed at twelve and after a lovely, fairly sober evening (for most of us anyway! one certain member of staff had to be taken home early!) we went home to bed and mentally prepared ourselves for an all day party the next day.

Folk on Holiday...

Folk on Holiday...

More news from Folk very soon…

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