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It’s a Didsbury Summer…

August 24, 2010

So, we’re onto the 5th day of Project Green Tea. We’re doing a refurb in the middle of summer. Is it too much expect that the weather is on our side? Suppose not! This is what greeted us this morning –

August in Didsbury

August in Didsbury

Ian the painter put away his brushes, saying he’d return when the weather was drier. Mmm – perhaps next May… However, the Life team pressed on and the plastering was about to commence in the washroom (new window having been fitted), when water started trickling down the wall. This time we couldn’t blame it on the rain – this time it was from a leaky shower upstairs. Another item added to the list! We then made the mistake of looking out of the back window to see yet more water (there’s a theme building here) splashing out of the top guttering. Blocked gutter. Added to list.

However, work continues apace. New cills have been fitted to the front window – ready to be primed when the monsoon season finally ends. Interior cladding has been ordered – although, and you couldn’t make this up – the timber  merchant’s van is having problems somewhere on the A34, so the cladding is currently in transit, strapped to the top of the Moregeous car.

However, we’re still on course to meet our deadline of re-opening on Friday 3rd September – it probably just means that sleep will become a thing of the past!

Further information about Project Green Tea will be added to the Moregeous blog – do check it out!

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