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Day 4 : Project Green Tea, West Didsbury

August 23, 2010
Let the refurb commence...

Let the refurb commence...

Monday morning 8.00am and it’s the school holidays. Surely I should be thinking about the day ahead, languishing on a beach on a Greek island, or at the very least having a leisurely lie in at home.

Er, no – on both counts. This Monday morning sees us opening up at Green Tea to let the builders in, who have a whoppping day ahead of them. The real interior stuff starts today in the restaurant as well as finishing the remedial works to the washroom (left). A lovely new, bright & shiny window will be fitted, to replace the tired, worn out window we discovered when the frame was taken off. These buildings on Burton Road are old, and many haven’t really been looked after, so it’s a good job that Sian and her team got in there quickly and discovered the dry rot before it did any real damage. I’ve never been a dry rot girl myself, but after a quick tutorial from Si, am starting to share her geeky enthusiam for timber disorders…

The poorly window...

The poorly window...

However, lets hope she doesn’t get her hands on our windows, as I think that might be one refurb too far at the moment!



The restaurant has been cleared and it’s now all systems go. As well as the interior work, Ian has just arrived on site and has already started stripping back the exterior frames reading for priming. Paint is on order so there should be quite a significant change later on today – if, the rain doesn’t stop play! We’re working to such a deadline that small matters such as Manchester downpours can’t stand in the way – we’re soft launching on Thursday 3rd September & doing full on launch for WestFest (4th & 5th), so poor weather just isn’t an option! Luckily, Ian seems a hardy soul and a quick check out of our door has just told me he’s still working away, despite the drizzle…

More images will be uploaded later today, but Day 4 seems to have got off to a very good start, with everyone arriving bright & early and cracking on straight away. No slackers on this team!

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