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Project Green Tea Has Commenced…

August 22, 2010
Old Style Green Tea Restaurant, West Didsbury

Old Style Green Tea Restaurant, West Didsbury

So, it all started last week. Jenny, owner of Green Tea Restaurant, came to see us about updating her profile on Didsbury Life. We chatted and chatted and it soon became clear that she wanted a little bit more. Jenny was ready to move her business on to the next level – although at the time, neither of us really knew that.

We mutually decided that a “lick of paint” – both inside & out – would do the job. Possibly an update to the menus – but that was really pushing things at this stage. However, a seed of an idea had been sown and without knowing, both parties went away and mulled over a germinating idea.

Mary Portas

Mary Portas

On a social occasion, we chatted to Sian (if you’re into Twitter, you can find her – @moregeous). We mused how great it would be to almost do a “Mary, Queen of Shops” – and the more we chatted, and the more plausible it seemed. Jenny wanted to move her business onto the next level, but didn’t really know “how” to do it. The combined efforts of Morgeous & WeAreLife did, so we decided to take the bold, uncompromising Mary Portas approach. And do you know what? It worked. Because it’s common sense!

Green Tea is a restaurant with a real difference. It’s a restaurant which is about a proud cultural heritage and Jenny is trying to reflect this in the food. Hailing from Benxhi, in the Liaoning Province of NE China, Jenny is a real ambassador for her region. We took her passion for her heritage and used this a starting point. Who would have known that maple leaves, slate and stalactites would have inspired our initial designs?

This has been a real team effort, from the word go. We’re really lucky that we only work with the best people – a cliche, but very true in our case. Everyone has been literally tried & tested within an inch of their lives – after all, if we appoint people who are a bit flaky, who does it fall back on? We rest our case.

So, the team is gathered. Chris & Pete focusing on the design side of things (website, logo, window display, signage design, twitter set up), Sian project managing the interior refurbishment (and working with her, a brilliant team, including Martin & Mancin), Gregg mananging the all important exterior refurbishment and me, trying to keep the plates spinning.

Oh – forget to explain.  We have a deadine too. And a budget. Budget not a problem as Sian knows everyone in the world of refurb & has a mean streak to her! The deadline is a slight concern – Project GT’s event for WestFest is the RELAUNCH!

So, 11 days and counting…

So far, since Saturday morning we’ve :

  • closed the restaurant
  • stripped out the washroom
  • identified – and remedied – a small case of dry rot. The toxic box remains sealed until 4pm Monday – we love that it’s a bit “Raiders of the Lost Ark” – ish…
  • designed a whole new brand
  • put a crack team in place
  • got people on site from 8.30pm Monday morning
  • and – not slept…

So, for now it’s good-bye to Green Tea on Burton Road, as some of you may know it – but hello to one of the most hands-on, exciting projects we’ve been involved in. Regular updates will be posted on the Didsbury Life blog, as well as the Moregeous blog.

More tomorrow night – Monday – when the interior refurb will have started, the exterior will look significantly different and the toxic box may have been unsealed…

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  1. August 22, 2010 8:35 pm

    I love this project – how exciting! Looking forward to seeing the transformation take place.

  2. August 22, 2010 8:46 pm

    We are really excited – but also a bit jittery as we have just under two weeks to do the whol shebang! Still, if you stick your neck out… Helen x

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