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Small Green Steps…

August 17, 2010
The Green Earth Appeal

The Green Earth Appeal

Via Twitter, here at Didsbury Life we’ve hooked up with The Green Earth Appeal. We were initially interested by a few of their tweets which got us thinking, and so we started following them, watching what they were up to and what they were about. We’re very conscious that it’s almost fashionable to have a “cause” to support, but people who know us well, will know that if we do put our support behind something, it’s because we’ve spent the time looking into it and realised that it’s good.

Over the past year, Didsbury Life has started to take itself in a new direction that we hadn’t consciously anticipated – although I suppose subconsciously we had, otherwise things that are happening now wouldn’t be happening. We have the lovely Community Garden at Thyme Out Deli – a project which started from a seed of an idea (no pun intended) and is now really beginning to grow. In fact, we’ve just donated our first batch of fruits to Silver Apples, Rhubarb and Folk Cafe Bar and these have featured on daily specials. This is all very experimental at this stage – we’ve still to have our first slug attack, but it’s a start, and collectively, we have very big plans for next year. We’re also trying to use social media a lot more to promote what we do, and especially WestFest – although we’re still going to have posters and flyers, we’re trying to encourage word of mouth and re-tweeting and reciprocal linking on websites. All better for the environment. We’ve also put thought into our printing, going for Marc The Printers in the Northern Quarter – “printing needn’t cost the earth” is their strapline…

Plant a Tree for 99p

Plant a Tree for 99p

So, back to Green Earth Appeal. It’s simple – restaurants add 99p to the table’s bill (yes, that’s the table, not the individual) and Green Earth, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, will plant a tree for every 99p collected. It’s completely voluntary – customers can simply decline the 99p levy and it doesn’t cost the restaurant anything to administer.

We’ve spoken to a number of restaurants & cafe bars in West Didsbury who are keen to implement this scheme – and we’re hopeful we can launch it for Westfest2010. OK, there may be people who don’t want to pay the 99p. They may contribute in other ways and that’s fine. But if you think about it – you could be responsible for a tree being planted in Haiti, which could provide a sustainable source of food, or whose root systems draw water to the surface and regenerate the soil. Not bad for less than the price of a loaf of bread.

Small steps is all it takes – and that’s what we’re doing here at Didsbury Life…

Small Green Steps

Small Green Steps

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