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A Community Working Together…

August 4, 2010

Didsbury is a lovely place to live and work. It’s largely full of people who want to exist in a vibrant community that works together. It’s certainly what we like about it.

So, when things happen that entirely go against the grain, it’s good to know that a community pulls together. You can’t avoid the harsh realities of life, but you can feel lucky  to be surrounded by good people. We may be having a pretty rubbish Summer but it’s quite nice sometimes to just walk down the road and be able to stop and have conversations with people who have a shared vision of a community.

We had a meeting scheduled this morning with someone who was coming to see the produce in the Community Garden that a few of us are working on with Ben at Thyme Out Delicatessen. However, that’s had to be postponed till Friday because he had other matter to attend to. But, it’s been an interesting old day in West Didsbury – and, one of those days when you feel really glad to be a part of a close knit community.

There’s also been a lovely end to this interesting day. The second treat in a week at Rhubarb Restaurant. The point of the Didsbury Life blog is to showcase what’s going on in Didsbury and we usually have the camera with us. However, it didn’t seem appropriate under the circumstances tonight to be snapping away with a Canon, so hope the fuzzy iphone image gets across the idea that Didsbury is a good place on a miserable summer’s evening…

Rhubarb Restaurant, West Didsbury

Rhubarb Restaurant, West Didsbury

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