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An Update of Life in Didsbury

July 29, 2010

Wowser – what a manic Didsbury week at Didsbury Life. For some inexplicable reason, the design side of our business – – has gone a bit bonkers. July/August have been historically quiet months when when we usually escape to Greece. However, this summer, we’re thinking our holiday may be spent in M20, because we’re a bit bombed out with design, new business sign ups for Didsbury Life – and of, course, that tiny matter of WestFest 2010 to organise before 4th & 5th September!

So, quick run down of the last few Didsbury days…



  • we’ve a new occupant at Didsbury Life on Burton Rd – UrbanDeva – check her out at
  • we’ve met with Amanda – Manchester Mosaics – and, as well as a really inventive & exciting West Didsbury arts project we’re looking into, there’s also a fab arts/poetry event coming up in October at Didsbury Life
Heaven Spa, Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury

Heaven Spa, Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury

  • Heaven Spa on Lapwing Lane has joined the Didsbury Life community and has offered a fantastic competition
  • The allotments at Thyme Out Delicatessen, on Nell Lane are coming on apace

Hidden Plum Tree

Hidden Plum Tree

  • Hooking up with our lovely friend Allie Johns – a truly inspirational woman – who is workng with us to hone our vision
  • Meetings with a variety of people about the possibilities of social media – Tom, Joe at Pinchjos, Richard at Ascendis
  • More design work than we can shake that proverbial stick at – Artisan Meat Co, Crocodile Media, Silver Apples, Dressed of Harrogate…
  • Working up a plan with Chris from Green Earth – details to follow on Didsbury Life…
  • Meeting with the very visionary – but plain speaking Paul Johnson – from The Didsbury. If there was ever a man who knows how to run a business & motivate people, he’s your man. We feel lucky to be working with him…
  • Continuing to work with Stephen Campbell – our next blog post will be about the benefit gig Stephen is very quietly organising. Bit of a heads up – follow him on Twitter – http//
  • Andof course, WestFest – an event to promote & support all of the amazing West Didsbury independent businesses

It’s tiring. It ‘s a bit full on. We spin many plates. But we do genuinely LOVE working with businesses who are becoming so much more switched on to what we’re trying to achieve…

It’s what makes us tick – and, if you get it, it’s what what will make you tick…

Tick if you get Didsbury Life

Tick if you get Didsbury Life

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