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July 26, 2010

Mondays at Didsbury Life

Mondays at Didsbury Life

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we kind of like Mondays here at Didsbury Life. That may seem a bit odd, as for many people Monday is the working day furthest from Friday. Sometimes, at school (in my other life) I do find Mondays challenging, especially when a full day of teaching, a lunch duty & an obligatory after school meeting loom. However, now I’m officially not teaching (at least for the next 6 weeks),  Mondays are great again.

Mondays now mean meeting with really lovely people. Only today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Anna, Claire, William, Thea, Liz and Tom. All brought something different to my day – but all brought something good. And, that’s why I like Mondays. Mondays at Didsbury Life are like Fridays – full of exciting possibilities.

Possibly the most exciting part of today came with a meeting with Tom at Art of Tea – another person who we’ve discovered via Twitter. We’re sure that more will come of this meeting but at the moment, we’re just prepared to say that a relationship has maybe been forged…

To round off the day, it had to be Love2Eat Deli. We will keep banging the drum about this gorgeous little food boutique on Burton Road, simply because Penny & Tim and the team are prepared to experiment. The Monday Night Supper Club is, quite simply, genius. Two courses & a rather large glass of wine for £7 per person – and, if you’re lucky enough to get in when the Sicilian Meatballs are on…

Sicilian Meatballs at Love2Eat Monday Night Supper Club

Sicilian Meatballs at Love2Eat Monday Night Supper Club

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