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We Are Loving Summer Life!

July 21, 2010

Now that I can focus “solely” on Didsbury Life, WeAreLife and WestFest for the next six weeks – school’s out for summer, don’t you know – expect more frequent blogging! This is a quickie – more blogging tomorrow – but I felt that sufficient has happened today, in the world of Didsbury Life, to justify a mini blog.

Heaven Spa, Didsbury

Heaven Spa, Didsbury

New people have come on board – hello to Cath and Heaven Spa on Lapwing Lane. A woman with a real passion for what she does in terms of her business. But also a very lovely and grounded person. More of Cath & her business in a subsequent blog…

We met with another Kath who’ll soon be opening another business in Didsbury. We seemed to understand where the other was coming from and would like to think we can forge a relationship – but it’s now up to Kath to decide if we’re the right vehicle for her to promote her business…

Edgy Kid, Didsbury

Edgy Kid, Didsbury

A really lovely conversation was had with Prim from Didsbury based on-line kids’ clothing company “EdgyKid”. We’re meeting up Friday, so more  news later, but after tweeting regularly and then chatting, I think I can say that we’re going somewhere! Again, this is the power of social media – through Twitter, we connected in a small way with a locally based children’s clothing company, and who knows where it will lead?

We also met with Allie Johns, who we met initially as a colleague of another client, but who has now become a real friend of both Didsbury Life and WeAreLife. Allie is really inspirational in many ways – and we’re very excited about starting some creative work with her…

Thyme Out Delicatessen Community Garden

Thyme Out Delicatessen Community Garden

We also started work properly this week on the Thyme Out Deli Garden. Discussions between Ben & Didsbury Life revealed a shared vision to create a community gardening space – and from this shared vision, the Community Garden is being planted. We’ve now got vegetables, fruit and flowers planted – and some will, fingers crossed, put in an appearance for WestFest [again, more in a subsequent blog, but just remember 4th & 5th Sept]. But even if they don’t , we’ll have some lovely times planting, nurturing and growing. And, all in the company of a lovely local West Didsbury business and some great friends – Si, Jo, Paul, Rich, Suz & the children [Lucy, Ava, Chloe, Nancy, Peter, Ellie, Jake, Freya & Joe]

So, the Summer Holiday  has started well. In fact, it started *really* well – a long drive down to Somerset in torrential rain, to attend the wedding of two very special friends. All worked out OK though, as the sun broke through and summer returned…

Annabelle & Riccardo's Somerset Wedding

Annabelle & Riccardo's Somerset Wedding

A Sunny Somerset Wedding

A Sunny Somerset Wedding

I also had the real pleasure of finally of speaking to Stephen Campbell today. I’m assuming, perhaps wrongly, that some people may not know who he is. Well, let me tell you. Stephen is a photographer. Stephen is a tweeter. Stephen is father to to three children, one of whom is Elizabeth. Elizabeth has respite care at Francis House in Didsbury. Stephen is organising a benefit gig to raise funds for Francis House – Sept 19th. Stephen is another immensely inspirational person. Another case of watch this space…

So, we’re only on Day 3 of the Summer Holidays, and as far as Didsbury Life is concerned this is already a fab summer…

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