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Didsbury Car Show – A Classic Event

July 11, 2010

Those of you who know me, will know that cars aren’t my forte. Don’t get me wrong, I do like them – they get me from A to B, often via Z because I cannot abide TomToms and such like. Give me a well worn, dog-earred map any day, because I love that that highlighted route is part of our backstory. I’ve even been known to take my car to a car wash – despite the fact that  I have a morbid fear of being trapped inside those whirly brushes for an eternity. But, I’ve just never really got cars.

However, at Didsbury Life, we’ve gone through a real range of cars – our first was an A reg Ford Fiesta [and when I say “A” reg, I mean old money registration!], and along the way we’ve picked up a VW Golf and a Polo, a couple of old style Renault 5s, a Talbot Samba, a Fiat Stilo, an A-Class Mercedes & a beautiful little Smart car. Our current mode of transport is a nifty black Mini Cooper. All have been loved – to a degree, but never lovingly looked after. And that’s why the Didsbury Car Show took me totally by surprise today.

Cadillac - Didsbury Car Show

Cadillac - Didsbury Car Show

This 1954 Cadillac Sedan immediately captivated me. It oozed style, class and charisma. It was in a colour that you’ll rarely see on a mass-produced car these days – the most amazing turquoise blue that shimmered in the Didsbury sunlight. It’s owner, David Jamieson, called it a “genuine head turner” – and you have to agree. This was one sexy car!

Next stop was a sassy little Morris Minor. I’d wanted to meet this one as its owner had contacted me via Twitter asking me to remind our followers about the Car Show. Let me introduce you to the beautiful car in question :

Morris Minor - Didsbury Car Show

Morris Minor - Didsbury Car Show

Morris Minor - Didsbury Car Show

Morris Minor - Didsbury Car Show

Regular visitors to Didsbury Life and readers of our blog may now be getting the idea that what we like are things that are a bit different, a bit more quirky, a bit more – well – interesting. So it was interesting to mooch around Didsbury Park and see the variety of cars on display. It was also interesting to see the variety of owners. Those who so lovingly had restored vehicles. Those who you could see brimming with delight as photographs were taken of their pride and joy. Those who were just so at ease with their beautiful modes of transport that they barely noticed us Mini Cooper owners, open mouthed, gaping at these things of real beauty and proper craftsmanship.

Didsbury Car Show

Didsbury Car Show

Not being petrol-heads, there were some cars that just didn’t do it for us. Whilst a red hot Porsche may appeal to some, we wouldn’t thank you for it. Less the Back-To-The-Future car that seemed to be a magnet for men of a certain age. No, what we loved were the retro, individualistic vehicles that had their owners stamped all over them. A particular favourite was a VW Camper Van – I could [and probably will] be accused here of being predictable, but what really caught my attention was the interior – an eclectic mix of retro and imaginative, innovative design. I’ve no idea how many miles to the gallon it will do, and quite frankly, I don’t care. It looked beautiful – and surely that should be what life’s about…

Didsbury Car Show

Didsbury Car Show

So, from being someone who hasn’t had a real regard for a car once the smell of newness has worn off, I think I did discover today that cars can also be a real indicator of personality and soul. And that’s why, I’m now regretting not persuing the parts that were needed to put our funky Skoda Rapid back on the road. If only we’d just had the dedication of some of the owners we saw today, maybe that car we owned a few years back, would have been on display today. And, we’d have loved even more the fact that we used to load our shopping into the “boot” – at the front…

Imagine in Pistachio - the Disbury Life Skoda Rapid

Imagine in Pistachio - the Didsbury Life Skoda Rapid

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