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Life is Connecting, Growing & Tweeting…

July 7, 2010

Just over a year ago, here at Didsbury Life we started to embrace the world of Twitter. Admittedly, we were late starters. Admittedly, we were a bit sceptical. I was charged with being i/c “tweeting” – not the best task to give to an English teacher, who daily encourages children to avoid text-style writing and loves nothing better than a compound sentence – handwritten, of course, in my lovely new pen.

So – the challenge was set. Get across the essence of what we try to do at Didsbury Life, promote everything that our partner independent businesses are doing, pick up and cultivate savvy, switched on followers and inject a bit of personality. In 140 characters!

For someone who finds texting a bit of a brain-ache, I felt that Twitter just wouldn’t catch on but decided to give it a go to placate others at Didsbury Life. What I didn’t factor in however, was the buzz of immediacy. Once the account was set up – and soon we had ten, yes TEN – followers I was hooked. People started to respond, follow and re-tweet. I was suddenly thrust into a whole new world of possibilities. In fact, within a day or so, I had actually started to “block” certain accounts, as they were either American evangelists [as our lovely new Twitter friend, Miss Cay, once tweeted – “You’re barking up the wrong tree, there love…”], self serving mercenaries [“Follow us & we’ll get you 100 new Followers” – er, no thanks…] or tweeters of the “vampire” variety who simply take your information, and present it as their own, without even a cursory thank you for the legwork you may have put in to arrive at that tweet of 140 characters.

Twitter Logo

Twitter Logo

So, a year on, what do we think of the world of Twitter? Well, apart from the fact that the logo is obviously crap [but annoyingly recognisable], we “heart” Twitter. For Didsbury Life, its benefits are almost immeasurable. We are able to do timely Tweets on behalf of businesses, who are, quite frankly, too busy doing the job of running their own businesses, to be tweeting. We can tell our followers, instantaneously, about an offer that Emin from Azzurro wants to do. We can tweet about events that Cavendish, our local primary school, wants to promote but not waste money on scatter-gun leafleting. We can discover new talent and promote and exhibit.

In short, Twitter has become one of our main marketing tools. As we grow and develop, we know we’ll need to become much better at tweeting and all of its possibilities. We’re not techies, or internet geeks. No criticism intended there. Some of our best friends are one – or both! We’re just a group of people who know how to communicate – and Twitter is giving us another way of engaging with like minded people.

Through Twitter, we’ve met some people who we’d now consider “proper” friends. People we now work with [@moregeous, @urbandeva, @flower_lounge], people we share a bottle or two of wine with [hello @lizjgregory,  @SiManM20,], people who make us laugh on a daily basis [that means you @samgemmill, @MissCay], people who are just generally very lovely people [@zardoz67, @campbellpix, @jonclements].  Since tweeting, Didsbury Life is genuinely delighted to be associated with a growing bunch of brilliant people. We’d love to have the time each week to do #ff tweets – but, sadly we don’t. Full time teaching & full time design agency take up a lot of time – but, check out the people we’ve chosen to follow. You could do worse than investigating ALL of them.

Icing on the cake came this week, with the publication of  The Manchester Twitter Reportnestled away towards the end of the report, we are mentioned in the “Ones To Watch” category. Having not been tweeting for very long, you can be sure we ARE ones to watch – because we understand the power of emotional communication. And, because we like talking,  we like tweeting.

The Manchester Twitter Report

The Manchester Twitter Report

A world without Twitter – who could imagine it? To follow Didsbury Life – or anyone we’re following – head over to

[Apologies to all of our lovely old & new friends who haven’t been name-checked. Hope you understand, brevity is of the essence!]

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  1. July 8, 2010 6:10 am

    Another great blog, H, and not just because it mentions me, hehe. Congrats on being One to Watch at Didsbury Life, but we all knew that anyway 🙂 x

  2. July 8, 2010 7:56 am

    Helen, I love this blog. Twitter is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with people and other businesses.

    I agree-Twitter, we officially ‘heart’ you!! xx

  3. Ruth Khan permalink
    July 9, 2010 4:19 pm

    Agreed! On behalf of base cafe bar, we *heart* twitter too. Micro-blog marketing at its best (and on most occasions at its most amusing!).
    Well done Didsbury Life!

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