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Meatball Mayhem…

June 21, 2010

Yes, you read it read it right. Meatballs are officially back in fashion, and apparently the only thing to eat on a Monday evening…

We’re not talking Campbell’s tinned meatballs – although we’re sure Andy Warhol could have done something with these…

Campbells Meat balls

Campbell's Meat balls

We’re talking Love2Eat Meatballs – and Sicilian meatballs at that. Served in a rustic lidded bowl with the freshest green salad and spaghetti, these are meatballs that even the Corleones wouldn’t have had a complaint with! Served in a piquant tomato sauce with fresh basil, these little balls are what make a Monday worthwhile…

Love2EatDeli Sicilian Meatballs

Love2EatDeli Sicilian Meatballs

They’re all part of the Monday Night Supper Club – have we mentioned this before? Main course + glass of wine [wine from Reserve = good] + cake [Dandelion & Burdock cake anyone?] = £7 per person. How good is that?

Only complaint tonight. Eton Mess was temptingly advertised on the chalkboard as part of the Supper Club Deal. In my books you can’t beat a bit of meringue so I was looking forward to to this post meatballs. However, as I was licking the last of the last of the meatballs off my lips, I heard those awful words, as another customer pondered dessert –

“We’ve only one portion of Eton Mess left…”

Suffice to say, a friend of mine, who has a penchant for FitFlops, Prosecco & cricket [yes, unfathomable], will take great delight in the Eton Mess being whipped away from me!

Eton Mess

Eton Mess

Love2EatDeli – Monday Night Supper Club – £7.00 per person – call 0161 434 7077 to make a booking. Hands off the meatballs though…

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