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An Independent Gem – On Our Doorstep…

June 20, 2010

It’s how Sunday mornings should be – relaxed, a bit on the lazy side and gloriously sunny. So, with an anxious afternoon ahead (Didsbury Life’s World Cup team plays in blue…) we decided to make the most of the morning and headed off to Thyme Out Delicatessen on Nell Lane.

There’s much about this gorgeous little hidden gem that makes it beautiful – the attention to detail is excellent. From the burgundy voile drapes at the windows to the shelves packed with all manner of really unusual foodstuffs to the array of oils and vinegars and marinades. How Ben manages to pack so much, that is so different, into a fairly small but beautifully formed space, is amazing. But, that’s the beauty of a being a true independent. You can be more selective. OK, so sometimes you pay a little bit more, but, nature aside, the best things in life don’t come often for free.

First task, before even looking at the menu, was to check out the Thyme Out Deli girls. These West Didsbury beauties were really strutting their stuff in the summer sunshine, and tucking into salad and carrots. They like to look after their figures and we can vouch for the fact that they looked pretty darned amazing –

Thyme Out Deli Girl #1

Thyme Out Deli Girl #1

Thyme Out Deli Girl #2

Thyme Out Deli Girl #2

June 26th is an important day in the Thyme Out Calendar as three eggs are set to hatch – watch this space for news and images.

Girls checked, onto the next important part – the menu. Ben offers an amazing menu that has something for everyone. Full Didsbury breakfast – check. Kippers – check. Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon – check. Veggie breakfast – check. However, there are two dishes that Didsbury Life cannot resist – and we know that our friend, Moregeous, will agree – so orders were placed for Eggs Florentine & Eggs Arnold Bennett.

With eggs whipped to perfection & mixed with smoked haddock, topped off with a crust of parmesan – wow!

Eggs Alan Bennett

Eggs Arnold Bennett

The Eggs Florentine hit the mark too – both plates wiped clean and enjoyed in the glorious West Didsbury sunshine, the only sounds to break the silence being the clucking of the hens and the occasional plane, banking off away to a Greek Island. On perfect Sunday mornings like this though, who needs a Greek Island? Look for it and you’ll find the most wonderful things on your own doorstep – and you know that what you get isn’t being replicated in towns across the country. Because there’s only one Thyme Out Delicatessen…

Now, let’s hope the boys in blue don’t spoil the perfect day…

Forza Azzurri

Forza Azzurri

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