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We’re Loving Our Independents…

June 15, 2010
WestFest 2010

WestFest 2010

Those of you who know us at Didsbury Life, will know that we are passionate about supporting and promoting independent, local  businesses. However, it’s not about local in a “League of Gentleman” kind of way. It’s about local in terms of highlighting what’s going in our fantastic, vibrant Didsbury community.

We’re really privileged to work with a growing band of really innovative and forward thinking businesses. Businesses who are motivated by the desire to offer something very different to their customers and clients. Businesses who are prepared to look at different ways of connecting with their customers and clients. Businesses who are just a little bit different. And different is good!

We’re not about condemning familiar high street chains. There’s absolutely no reason why chains can’t sit side by side with independents. But that’s our point. Side by side. Not chains coming along and swallowing up the small and innovative bars, restaurants, salons, galleries, clothes shops, florists etc etc.

And this is exactly why we’re now planning the second WestFest – a festival to celebrate the independent spirit of West Didsbury. Yes, this is West Didsbury based and we’re making no apologies for this. We’re organising this on top of many other plates we’re currently spinning. But, we have big plans for this celebration of independent businesses – and part of the plan being that in the not too distant future, we’ll have ALL Didsbury independents involved. Small steps and all that…

So, put the dates in your diaries – Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th September. Join the mailing list – just email, put “Mailing List” in subject line and give us your name. [A contact form will be included on new website which is still being updated]. Support your local independent businesses – the life blood of our local community…

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