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Happy Birthday Crazy Wendy…

May 9, 2010

It’s not often you are cordially invited to the birthday celebrations of a “legend”, but that’s what the invite said and who are we to argue with Crazy Wendy? It was billed as her 31st (+) birthday – and that is accurate because we did attend her attend 30+ party last year – and promised Karaoke, Thai Show & Thai Dancing. So, a potentially entertaining way to end the weekend.

Now, we normally view Crazy Wendy’s restaurant in passing – we usually see the festivities from outside as we’re returning home from slightly more sedate pursuits. I’d personally rather eat my food off a table than dance on it, but hey – not everyone likes the same thing. So, after a quick quaff in Folk with our friends, Liz & Gary, we headed over to Crazy Wendy’s, ready to do the inevitable and end up on the tables, dancing the night away.

However, there are clearly two very different sides to Wendy. There’s the weekend night public persona and the persona we saw tonight – sensitive, gracious, kind beyond belief and a very beautiful person. She was surrounded by friends and family and was more than happy to share the limelight. We were entertained by Wendy’s relatives and staff  – and there were some really memorable performances. A paticular mention has to be made of Bill’s rendition of “Angels”. Over-karaoked generally, but sung really wonderfully by Bill, accompanied by Wendy on backing vocals…

Bill & Crazy Wendy

Bill & Crazy Wendy

All in all, a really lovely evening. Despite the fact that Crazy Wendy’s may have the reputation of being a hen night destination, there’s a lot more to it. Go for a quieter night, or the Sunday buffet option, and you’ll see a very different side to Crazy Wendy…

And, a very happy birthday to Wendy. Hope she gets the chance to kick off the 10 inch heels [seriously!] and relax just a little bit…

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