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Lights Out, Candles On in West Didsbury for Earth Hour 2010

March 20, 2010

After a contact from our friend Sian regarding linking up to organise a West Didsbury event to support Earth Hour 2010, we’ve made some massive progress in a very short space of time.

A few emails & tweets were exchanged and then we were away! This afternoon, we’ve visited all bars and restaurants, putting to them the idea of turning off their lights next Saturday for an hour, to show collective support for Earth Hour 2010. We were prepared for a really hard time – after all, it does seems a bit nuts to be going into bars and restaurants and asking them to turn off their lights. We were prepared for the Health & Safety arguments against doing it, prepared for people saying they didn’t want to turn their lights off in case they were perceived as closed on potentially the busiest night of the week, prepared for people just not getting it and prepared for people just wanting to get rid of these two mad women. What we weren’t prepared for was the resounding “Yes” from everyone, and the ease with which the sign up was done!

West Didsbury Does Earth Hour 2010

West Didsbury Does Earth Hour 2010

Everyone got it. And so they should. Climate change, global warming, melting ice caps affect us all – even if we’re not aware of it yet. Leading research shows that it is still possible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change by measures such as rapid development of clean energy production [which would address some 65% of global emissions] and stopping tropical deforestation [addressing around 20% of emissions]. If all of this sounds a bit global and far removed form us, just think about recent weather patterns…

So, back to West Didsbury. Emin at Azzurro took no persuading. He knows the right thing to do! Jenny from Green Tea and Seema from Cachumba were also straight onto it – although I think the after effects of the chillies they’d been chopping in Cachumba cut short our conversation – the fumes were strong! There’s going to be some good food going on there tonight!

Catherine at SousChef said yes immediately, as did Justin at Folk Cafe Bar – we wait with baited breath, and excited anticipation to see what Folk will do on the night! The lovely Oli at Rhubarb Restaurant got the idea immediately – as well as being delighted about the proposed SpringWestFest [more of which in a later blog]. Although Mark at Burton Road Bakery won’t be open, he said he’d be delighted to support by having one of our specially designed posters in his window.

Reza at Thyme Restaurant pledged immediate support, as did our lovely friend Sarah at Silver Apples – always good to speak to a girl who knows the value of candle light! We’re thinking Silver Apples will be a contender for an Earth Hour prize…

Gurkha Grill said a definite “yes” straight away – and also confirmed their delight that we’d be having a SpringWestFest. Joe at Pinchjo’s and Penny from Love2Eat were push-overs, in the nicest possible sense – again, business owners who have a conscience and a heart. I was really glad that Alex, owner of Frankie’s Fish Bar, said “yes” – he just missed out on being involved in XmasWestFest because the opening of the Fish Bar was slightly delayed – so great that he’s on board with this one. Kate from Reserve Wine Shop was another easy one to convince – again in the nicest way possible – and I’m suspecting another contender for an Earth Hour Prize for innovative lighting on the night!

Namaste Nepal and Great Kathmandu were really enthusiastic about the event and gave total support, as did Phillip and his staff from Bistro 156. Despite an adventure in The Manchester Eye Hospital and an eye which still wasn’t fixed, Phillip totally engaged & loved the idea of both Earth Hour and SpringWestFest.  As an aside, both myself and Sian agreed that the crab dish on the menu looked slightly gorgeous! Rob from The Drawing Room, bought into the idea, as he has done with other events to promote the area. The boys at One Lounge Bar just got into the groove really quickly. We visited The Railway and we think they’re on board – but time will tell.

Miguel from Piccolino was a joy to talk to. He tested the lights there & then, looked at where he could put up one of our Earth Hour posters – and get this, he suggested the illuminated menu display boxes outside. Lets just hope they’re not illuminated between 8.30pm – 9.30pm next Saturday!

Then it was to The Metropolitan – would they, wouldn’t they? Well – it’s still to be worked out, but Mel thinks there’ll be things that The Met can do…

We also managed to “persuade” Gareth from the totally gorgeous Frog Furniture to open late and be a part of the event – although I think the opportunity to do put on a bit of a twinkling show was something he couldn’t pass up on. So – another possible contender for an Earth Hour prize…

So, all in all, a fabulously successful afternoon. Lovely to be out and about with Sian – two very determined women who will get things done! Lovely to plant seeds of SpringWestFest. And, lovely to know that Didsbury Life is moving in a very different, exciting direction – but, more of that in a subsequent blog…

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  1. March 20, 2010 11:14 pm

    What a great afternoon! Can’t wait for next weekend 🙂

  2. March 31, 2010 10:12 am

    I was in Newcastle and missed the event so I was delighted to see your video clip.

    West Didsbury looks marvellous. Aren’t we lucky to live in such a great area and how wonderful to have so many businesses take part. Well done to everyone!

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