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The Boomtown Rats were just so wrong…Sean Ryder was just so right!

March 8, 2010

Mondays just aren’t the best days are they? However much of a positive outlook you might have, Monday suggests a long stretch of infinity until the weekend. Although weekends often mean much of the same for us at the moment, at least weekends are still reminders of carefree days, reading the papers, catching up with friends – and sometimes, even a sneaky trip to Bergamo in Italy. Mondays also suggest, to me anyway, unimaginative cooking and really just making do. Not particularly wanting to be creative and just making a meal that gets you through to Tuesday – and then it’s almost the weekend…

However, something has happened in West Didsbury recently that has totally turned Didsbury Life onto the idea of Mondays. Love2Eat has introduced the simple, yet ingenious, Monday Night Supper Club. Why, oh why, hasn’t it been done before? For just £7 per person, you can enjoy a main course [such as Spanish Chicken Pot, Veggie Shepherd’s Pie, Beef & Ale Stew etc] a slice [or is it a wedge?] of homemade cake [Bounty Cake – now there’s something you don’t get everywhere!] and a rather large glass of wine. If you’re feeling particularly gung-ho on a Monday evening, you can always pop across to the Co-op and get a nice bottle of vino as Love2Eat also do BYO. Doesn’t really get much better!

So, Mondays have now become the new Friday in the world of Didsbury Life. Just don’t tell too many people, as we still want a table on a Monday…



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  1. March 13, 2010 9:11 pm

    Not managed to try Love2Eat out yet but this has just definately made my mind up, what a great way to end the weekend and begin the week……!!!

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