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From Small Tweets Grow New Friends

March 6, 2010

"Dream" photographed by Mark Nelson

"Dream" photographed by Mark Nelson

My knowledge of the Internet, and all its possibilities, is fairly limited. I’m not particularly interested in HOW something works. I’ll leave that to the lovely technical people we have around us at Didsbury Life. What I am interested in are the possibilities that are now afforded to us in terms of making connections with real, like-minded people.

I got into Twitter fairly late, dismissing it as something that the kids at the school I work in, were into. Last night’s experience at Didsbury Life – and I have to admit, my fondness for Twitter has been growing – showed just how powerful this particular piece of social media actually is.

Some of you might know that we discovered Mark Nelson through Twitter. It’s becoming a little fuzzy now as to how we first chanced upon him, but I think it might have been via either ghostfinder or uncouthamerican. A few tweets were exchanged, and this developed into email exchange, leading to a meeting. Mark passed all of the Didsbury Life tests – great taste in music, films, books, sense of humour, very similar past experiences. Almost like a friend just waiting to happen.

Fast forward a week or so, and Mark was taking photographs at Pinchjo’s Tapas Bar for the website we’re designing, as well as hanging a selection of his photographs in our office for his first exhibition – which happened last night.

We’ve been offering up our wall space for some time now, to emerging artists – anyone interested in a bit of an exhibition, drop a line to & we’ll see what we can do. It’s great for us to have art on the walls that’s very original & it’s great for the artist to have somewhere to exhibit, free of charge – and potentially make a sale. [We don’t take commission, so there’s nothing to lose really…] We’re particularly pleased with Mark’s exhibition because none of it would have happened without Twitter.

In the room last night, we had people who had never encountered one another before, but we’re fairly sure some good friendships have been forged. It was great that moregeous & Mr Moregeous turned up – just hoping that garlic fest didn’t ruin Saturday too much! Also, really lovely to meet Adam [aka ghostfinder] – v. interesting novelist… Then we had Matt from 3D PTS & his wife Dee – Matt has been on Didsbury Life for a while now, but it’s only recently we’ve really got together and realised just how much we share visions & values & he seemed to be getting on very well with Mark, as well as really loving his work…Always good to catch up with Claire & Craig, as well as Jennie & Molly & Nige & Pete & Martin.

Lawrence came along with his friend Adam from Budapest – Adam may have been coming back to the UK anyway, but I prefer to think he didn’t want to miss out on the showcasing of an emerging talent! Lawrence also popped in again today with his wife, Liz – and, as an “amateur photographer” himself, totally identified with Mark’s opening night nerves! However, he did also say some VERY complimentary things about the work, especially the canal bridge image…

Canal Bridge by Mark Nelson

Canal Bridge by Mark Nelson

We also had a visit today from a client of ours, Annabelle, who couldn’t make it last night but was really interested in Mark’s work. You just never know where the first sale will come from!

All in all, a very successful night. With our friends at Folk supplying scrumptious nibbles and other people from our Didsbury Life building attending [thanks to Sarah from Shout Out Graphics & Dan from Bewildered Media], it was a great turn-out. And, despite vowing it would be an early night this time, we still ended up, in the wee small hours, with Penny & Tim

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  1. March 7, 2010 12:51 am

    Both of them are truly awesome

  2. March 7, 2010 6:17 am

    Ghostfinder here!

    Thanks for a great evening – really enjoyed it! Unfortunately I can’t claim credit for introducing you to Mark – that was all down to @uncouthamerican.

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