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Art Attack at Didsbury Life

February 21, 2010

Maybe it’s because the last few months have been very creative, both in terms client websites and our design site, but things seem to have taken an unexpectedly arty turn at Didsbury Life.

Having a large office space with fairly expansive white walls, we took an early decision that, rather than go down the route of buying art from IKEA, we’d try & do something a little bit different. No offence to anyone who has artwork from IKEA – lurking somewhere in our house is a canvas from said store – but we wanted work on the walls that said something about us, as a company. However, as you can imagine, fantastic original art is priced beyond that of a currently fairly small design agency, and what we could afford – well, there was a reason why we could afford it…

So, we had to think a bit outside of the box – and realised we could tap into the undiscovered talent around us. We don’t like being ripped off, and so there was no way we were going to rip off artists who were perhaps just testing the waters. Consequently, as long as we like the work – after all, we have to look at it all day – we decided that we’d start exhibiting the work of emerging artists and charge no commission. If they sold a piece – great. Our “commission” so far has been having some really fab work on our walls and making some true & genuine friends along the way – Lawrence, Jennie, Craig, Leona, Cheryl, Mike – you know who you are!

Burton Road by Lawrence Yusupoff

Burton Road by Lawrence Yusupoff

We spent this Saturday in the company of a friend we’ve recently met through Twitter – although he’s a very new addition to the Didsbury Life team, we feel like we’ve known him for a very long time. We spookily share almost identitical tastes in music,comedy, film, current affairs, humour – and we already feel this is going to be a long lasting friendship. We spent the afternoon hanging his framed photography for our latest exhibition – we’re just working out the finer details of a preview evening, when we feel that Zardoz67 will be unleashed on an unsuspecting world… Happily, he’s not just exhibiting with us – there’s a photo shoot on Monday and another we’re lining up so this is hopefully the start of something very special!

We’re also working on our Painting for Haiti project, in collaboration with the Wendy J Levy Gallery, UNICEF and the artist, Lisa De Prudhoe. Lisa has donated an original canvas which we’ll be raffling, both on & off line. More details will follow, hopefully by Tuesday, but it’s good to know that just by word of mouth and Twitter, we’ve already secured our first sales of tickets. Lisa will also be doing an interview with Jess, our film maker, on Tuesday to explain why she kick-started this project.

Initial information is available on the website we’ve quickly assembled – we’re hopeful that Lisa’s piece to camera will be uploaded by the end of Tuesday, as this will give us the impetus to really start pushing and promoting A Painting for Haiti.

So – a lovely weekend, in the world of Didsbury Life. As I always maintain, we only want to work & collaborate with honest, ethical, good people – apart from one or two individuals we come into contact with [and thankfully, we generally only come into contact with them via the Internet], we’re building the most wonderful group of people around us. With friends, colleagues and contacts like these – and their energy – we can only go from strength to strength.

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  1. February 21, 2010 9:50 pm

    Love Lawrence’s image of Burton Road. He’s a very talented photographer.

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