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Hello Didsbury – again!

February 19, 2010

Well, coming to the end of a half term where I had thought I might have got at least half a day to myself – how wrong was I? However, we’ve had a very creative – if excessively busy – week, so no complaints there!

A lot of the time has been spent working on the new WeAreLife website – This is so tantalising close to launch, but as the wearelife blog indicates, when you work with perfectionists, sometimes that launch date seems more and more elusive!

Our mate Walter...

Our mate Walter...

So, onto things Didsbury. Competitions are going really well on the site – businesses are becoming more and more switched on to the idea of offering a really good incentive for current and potential customers. Visitors to the site are also increasing and this is in no small part down to the quality of the competitions. Currently, there are three live at the moment – if you fancy entering Thyme Restaurant or Conley Hair & Beauty, be quick as they end Sat 20th Feb. MacleodBradley‘s competition runs till Monday 1st March. Watch the site for new competitions this weekend.

While things might have been tough over the last few months for many of our businesses, sometimes we’re given a bit of perspective by more global events. The earthquake in Haiti being one such event. We’ve watched the news and expressed shock and sympathy and all of those other emotions associated with such an enormous tragedy and then got on with our lives. However, this week we’ve been able to do a little bit more than that. Working with Wendy J Levy, we’re helping to promote “A Painting for Haiti”. One of Wendy’s artists, Lisa de Prudhoe, has donated a beautiful canvas which we’ll be raffling both on & off line to raise funds for the relief effort. The canvas has arrived at the Didsbury Life offices and once Unicef approve the wording of our press info, we’re ready to go. A website is already up – – and we’ve started tweeting, so more info will follow very soon…

We’re also really glad that our very lovely friend Helen Bradley, owner of MacleodBradley, is back safe & sound from her epic cycle ride across Cambodia and Vietnam to raise funds for the Hair & Beauty Benevolent Fund. As someone who would find it a challenge cycling the length of Burton Road, I am beyond impressed that not only did Helen complete the journey, but that she flew back wearing the most gorgeous suede high heeled boots – Victoria Beckham couldn’t hold a candle to our Helen! If you’re impressed by Helen’s feat [or feet], you can still donate by clicking through to her page on Just Giving

We’re also very much looking forward to a new exhibition which is starting at Didsbury Life. Having discovered Twitter fairly late in life, and having been fairly dismissive of its usefulness, I find I am now eating my words! Not only is it a fab way for Didsbury Life to quickly & effectively promote what our businesses are doing, we also discovered the most amazing photographer via Twitter. Mark’s work, and musings, can be found on his blog – if you like what you see, check out the exhibition details on Didsbury Life this weekend…

Canal Bridge by Mark Nelson

Canal Bridge by Mark Nelson

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  1. February 19, 2010 10:48 pm

    Thank you for the write up-I feel famous!!! The boots come in purple also-OMG!!!!

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